Allison from Querencia Press

“At times shattering, at other times hopeful and restorative, Silva-Dunbar’s Allison guides us through this terrifying house of mirrors–shows us the subtle horrors of manipulation, coercion, perfectionism–the grisly demons that can grow in the margins of our consciousness and take over our entire existence.”

A.E. Copenhaver, author of My Days of Dark Green Euphoria, winner of the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature

When Goddesses Wake published by Maverick Duck Press

Order a personalized copy $15 or an annotated copy $20 via paypal or venmo. Shipping included. Add $10 for overseas shipping

Querencia Press Not Ghosts, But Spirits Vol. 2

Pre-order here

Querencia Press Winter 2023 Anthology

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Querencia Press Summer 2022 Anthology

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A Daily Drunk Anthology: Kirstofia

Download and read for free: Daily Drunk

Order a hard copy here!

Denmark: An Eyes Wide Shut Anthology

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